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Tutorials, training, giveaway, etc… We do it all! For the moment, most of the content is in french, but subtitles may be added later if we get enough demand. Our Home Workout Series is in english, so you’re not left out! You can always participate in the giveaways, even if the content isn’t translated.

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Athlete Project Media - Who are we?

We are a video and photography production team that specializes in the field of sport and health. We want to offer services that can help local athletes and businesses enhance their image on the various social networks available. Since the first impression is crucial to the growth of a name, brand or company, we guarantee superior quality where customer satisfaction and the pride of the product delivered are our motivations for completing a contract.


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Functional training video series available on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

This video series in association with AthletiK go over common mistakes people do in training, quick tips on how to fix them and also some good exercises to spice up your workouts. We are always open for suggestions and we will try our best to provide content and answers to your questions.

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Our goal is to help athletes of all kind reach the notoriety they deserve using photos and videos to help them pursue their passion
— Athlete Project Media Team